The Importance Of Moisture & Protein Balance In Hair Care

Most of us don’t know about the importance of having a balance of moisture and protein in our hair regimen. We are always are hearing moisture is “key” and that you should do the “LCO or LOC” method. We often neglect utilizing protein treatments and then are troubled when our hair is brittle. Ladies and gentlemen our hair needs both. A well-balanced mixture of both will bring your hair to an optimally healthy condition. Hence, we need to incorporate both products as well as techniques that will boost each.

Importance of Moisture:

According to research, our curls are naturally parched. Due to the coily nature of our curls, kinks and coils, the sebum is not able to travel from the roots to the tips of our hair strand because it will get stuck at the kinks. Thus, our hair does not receive the nourishment needed from our sebum. Our tips need the most moisture because they are the oldest part of our hair strands. Also, they are in contact with everything such as the environment, our clothes, our body and even our hair. So we need to moisture our hair shaft especially paying attention to our hair ends. The moisture will keep our hair strands hydrated for a very long time. Once our curls are hydrated our hairstyles will last longer, we will retain more length and our mane will be lustrous. The best way to keep our tresses moisturized is by using the LOC or LCO method. This moisturizing technique allows us to apply water (liquid), oil (oil) and butter (cream) to not only moisturize our hair but seal it in.

Importance of Protein:

Did you know that our hair is made up of 90% protein? The protein that our hair is made up of is specifically keratin. The keratin keeps our hair strands strengthened. Also, it makes up the protective layer on our hair strands. Once that protective layer is broken down our hair is susceptible to breakage split ends and even single strand knots. And, I am sure that we all can relate. Hence, we need to be incorporating products rich in protein to protect our hair. Wait, but before you start adding protein to your hair, do not go overboard because our hair can only absorb so much protein. If we put an excess our hair will become stiff. Once our hair is stiff it will break once manipulated. Therefore, we recommend doing protein treatments once every month. Our hair will absorb all the protein it needs from our protein deep conditioners/mask on an as-needed basis. The treatment will repair your broken hair strands by filling in the gaps with the protein it needs.

By understanding the importance of moisture and protein balance for natural hair, we can offer the best care on the road to healthy hair care.

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