Top 5 Reasons to Trim Your Ends

We get it – long hair can be exciting. You can do more styles, your hair usually has more volume, and the feeling of your hair over your shoulders or down your back can be pretty fulfilling. There’s nothing wrong with loving your length in all your glory, but if you’re holding on to your hair’s length over its health, then you might want to read on to see exactly why trimming your ends can change your hair for the better.

1. Tackles excessive breakage

If you’ve been noticing little pieces of hair on your clothes, in your sink or on your floors, then that means that your hair is breaking off much more than it should. Depending on the cause of the breakage, picking up your hair shears might be a great idea. If you’ve been flat ironing your hair lately or have just been neglecting your strands, a good trim will remove those fragile ends. With only healthy hair left behind, you’ll soon notice a major decrease in your breakage, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your length knowing that it’s healthy.

2. Encourages length retention

Because split ends travel up the hair shaft and cause even more splits and breakage, getting rid of these pesky nuisances means that your hair is able to grow without any issues. With minimal hair breaking off every day, you’ll soon see noticeable changes in your length! Just be sure to maintain your hair after a trim by sealing it with a thick, moisturizing butter like A’ FLOR Hair Butter. Rich and creamy, this butter provides hair with all of the nutrients it needs to remain hydrated, protected and strong.

3. Revives lifeless hair

Wondering why your hair looks so dull, bland and lifeless? It could just be those dead ends. They’re sometimes beyond repair, where no amount of moisturizing or pampering can bring them back to life. If your ends are so dry and frayed that it makes the rest of your hair look lack luster, then it’s time for a trim. Trimming off dead ends like these leaves your hair looking and feeling much healthier, and gives it lots of bounce and movement. After your trim, applying an all-natural oil like A’ FLOR Hair Growth Oil gives you that extra boost in your healthy hair journey.

4. Solves tangling

All hair tangles, but when your hair seems to tangle up on itself all the time, especially at the ends, this is a sign that you’re due for a trim. Split and frayed ends branch out from the original hair shaft, tangling themselves up into other pieces of hair and causing unbearable knots. Aside from making your styles look less pleasing, this also leads to more breakage and hair loss. A good trim can remove your bushy ends and keep those tangles at bay. Wearing your hair out becomes much a breeze, and you won’t regret it.

5. Removes rough ends

If your ends feel rough when you touch them but you don’t have any split ends or dryness, look a little closer – you may actually have single-strand knots! Single-strand knots occur when the ends of your hair strand tangles around itself, forming a knot. Though tiny, these knots can make your hair feel super damaged, even when it’s not. Trimming off these knots might be time-consuming, but it’s key to regaining your smooth, healthy strands. To stop them from forming again, seal your ends often with a heavy butter like A’ FLOR Hair Butter.

You might feel like trimming is counterproductive to your growth, but in the long run, your ends will be much better off, and your fast-growing hair will thank you for it. By using A’ FLOR all natural products along with proper trims, your hair will certainly flourish.

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